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Trip Report: Ivory Route Big Five Game Tour

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Riverwild Camp, on the way to Manyeleti Game Reserve

Riverwild 4x4, Chalet, Camping and Tented Camp

Although Riverwild is not part of the Ivory route, we consider it a wonderful stopver en-route to the Ivory Route camps that form part of the Greater Kruger National Park. It is also a welcome overnight spot en-route to Kruger itself or the Mozambique border posts.
Set right next to the Houtbosloop river in pristine nature, the rushing water have a soothing effect by day, while it serves as your lullaby at night.

Ndzhaka Camp, Manyeleti Game Reserve

Ndzhaka Bush Camp

Ndzhaka Camp is in the Manyeleti Game Reserve, which is a Big Five reserve bordering the Kruger National Park. Fences between the Park and the reserve has been removed, making Manyeleti a virtual part of the Kruger. Advantages of the Ivory Route camps are the fact that they are secluded in the bush, without the masses of tourists one always find in the KNP. The camps are not fenced, which gives one the feeling of being right inside the bush with animals coming right into the camp.

Buffelshoek, Manyeleti Game Reserve

Buffelshoek Camp.

Buffelshoek Camp is situated in an area in the Manyeleti Game Reserve where Elephants, Buffaloes and Lions are frequently seen. It is also a self-catering camp, like all the Ivory Route camps. It has recently been upgraded with each of the dome tents now on a deck with a private bathroom built behind the deck. This camp was traditionally the "roughest" of Ivory Route's camps, but with these new additions, it can also be classified as "soft" nowadays.

Ntomeni Camp, Letaba Ranch

Ntomeni, Letaba Ranch

Ntomeni Camp is situated on the banks of the Letaba River on the Lataba Ranch bank, with the Kruger National Park being on the other bank of the river. Letaba Ranch is known for its large herds of Elephant and Buffalo. During the dry season, the lapa can be very much like a theatre staging all this wildlife coming to drink water. Elephants, Hippos, Crocodiles, Waterbuck and many others are all actors and the visitor the audience.

Mutale Falls, Makuya Park.

Mutale Falls

Mutale Falls Ivory Route Camp is one of the best wildlife experiences we ever had. Not to be missed. The setting above the river is breathtaking. Game viewing from the lapa is superb. Game drives and walks are excellent. Swimming in the potholes a unique experience. Just pack up and go! You will enjoy the place.

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