Tour of the Parks and Nature reserves of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

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Trip Report: Eastern Cape Parks and Nature Reserves Tour

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Eastern Cape, Oviston Nature Reserve

Oviston Nature Reserve

Oviston Nature Reserve lies next to the Karoo town of Venterstad. It was formed as a result of the building of the Gariep Dam in the Gariep river, South Africa's largest river. The reserve features affordable camping and self-catering accommodation in a bush hut, as well as an old farmstead. Several animal species are kept, like Ostriches, Springbuck, Oryx and other plains game.

Commando Drift Nature Reserve

Commandodrift Nature Reserve

Commandodrift Nature Reserve was formed with the building of the Commando Drift Dam, when the land surrounding the dam was proclaimed a Nature Reserve. This reserve is a hiker's and fisherman's heaven with lots of plains game, birds and handsome accommodation at affordable prices. Truly a wonderful place to spend time in nature away from it all.

Eastern Cape, Tsolwana

Tsolwana Nature Reserve

Tsolwana Nature Reserve is one of the jewels in the Eastern Cape Parks' crown. Ideally suited for large groups or families who need a fine holiday in a pristine natural setting. Tsolwana's highlights is their spacious, luxury lodges and their large herds of plainsgame. Do not miss their 4x4 game drive up to the top of the mountain! Apart from the beautiful vistas from up top, you will be welcomed by large herds of plainsgame!

Eastern Cape, Mpofu


Mpofu offers the nature tourist the choice of four different accommodations. The lodges are renovated old farm houses and the trail hut was built for the purpose of providing accommodation for hikers. The lodges also offers a live-on-the-premises housekeeper who will spoil any housewife who wants a rest from her daily housekeeping tasks

On top of all this, there are numerous game species, hike and walks that the nature tourist can enjoy.

Eastern Cape, Fort Fordyce

Fort Fordyce

Fort Fordyce is a wonderful place for family groups - especially if there are a few horseriders amongst them. Beautiful vistas, trout fishing, hiking and great accommodation awaits the visitor to Fort Fordyce. Their accommodation is affordable self-catering houses overlooking the faraway mountains and a beautiful little hikers hut in the forest next to a stream. By the trout dam you can camp in your own tent under massive shady trees.

Eastern Cape, Great Fishriver Nature Reserve.

Great Fish River Nature Reserve

The Great Fish River Nature Reserve comprises the Andries Vosloo Kudu Reserve, the Double Drift Nature Reserve and the Sam Knott Nature Reserve. These reserves are linked by a circular route and total size of about 45,000 ha.

Its open succulent valley bushveld and rugged terrain provides diverse habitats and panoramic views, boasts an abundance of game including Black Rhino, Cape Buffalo, Hippo and Kudu.

Eastern Cape, Dwesa


A beautiful, clean and desolate beach awaits you if you want to work on a great tan or just take a nap under your umbrella. Swim in the sea or take a drive through the dense forest while watching out for game and rare birds. At Dwesa you will find wonderful nature without the crowds. Nature walks, swimming, game watching, bird watching in pristine surroundings while you stay in one of the wooden chalets or camp in one of Dwesa's beautiful camp sites.

Eastern Cape, Silaka

Silaka Nature Reserve.

This small but beautiful coastal reserve next to the laid-back coastal town of Port St Johns, stretches from Second Beach to Sugarloaf Rock, covering approximately 400-ha, offering the nature tourist accommodation in a beautiful natural setting. Silaka is popular with bathers, sun seekers, hikers, fishermen, backpackers, phlosophers and those who just want to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the area.

Eastern Cape, Mkhambathi Nature Reserve


The Mkhambathi Nature Reserve has lots to offer the nature tourist. Its long coastline makes for a wide choice of hikes.The large wilderness area can only be traversed on foot. You can self-drive during the day and night to watch the ample game that are featured in the reserve. Fisherman can enjoy fishing at official estuaries. Mkhambathi also offers a very good facility for large holiday or business groups at Gwe Gwe river lodge that can accommodate 20 people at the rivermouth.

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