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Closest Town: Pontdrif
Limpopo Valley Horse Safaris
Trail Type: Combination
Closest Town: Pontdrif

Location: Mashatu Game Reserve, located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve
Description: Mashatu Game Reserve, an area of history and legend, offers some of the most exciting game viewing in Africa. It is a place of exceptional beauty where one can explore the rugged, unspoilt African landscapes either in the comfort of open 4-wheel drive vehicles, on a walking safaris, on mountain bicycles, or horse back, guided by expert rangers and experienced trackers. In addition to the game experience, Mashatu offers a view of Africa, unchanged since the days of early visitors such as Kipling, Selous and artist/explorer Sir Thomas Baines. Historic and archaeological sites abound; notable are the Motloutse Ruins and the Pitsani Koppie sites.
Enquiries: Chantal Howse
Tel: + 27 (0)31 716 3500
Fax: + 27 (0)31 716 3533
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