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Northern Cape, Kimberley

Mokala National Park

Mokala Park is the latest addition to the Sanparks stable of parks. Situated near Kimberley, it is a good two-day overnight spot on the way to Cape Town or the West Coast or Namaqualand. This park promises to become one of the real jewels amongst the National Parks. Small but exquisite. We recommend at least a two day stay to enable you to drive the whole park or at least a large part of it before you move on.

Northern Cape, Groblershoop

Kheis Riverside Camp & Villas

Kheis Riverside camp is next to the R64 and offers a wonderful overnight spot for travellers passing that way. It will also be a very good place to go if you are interested in angling, peaceful camping in nature or spending a peceful holiday in a natural setting far from the maddening crowds.

Northern Cape, Springbok

Goegap Nature Reserve

Goegap Nature Reserve lies 15km south-east of Springbok in Namakwaland and covers about 15000ha. The name Goegap is derived from the Nama word for waterhole.

The Goegap Nature Reserve with its granite peaks and sandy plains are dominated by Carolusberg, the highest point in the area.

Northern Cape, Kamieskroon

Cozy Mountain

Cosy Mountain is an unspoilt, Eco friendly outdoor getaway just off the N7 linking Cape Town and Namibia. (Cape Town 500km south, Namibian Border / Vioolsdrif 200km north).

Situated just minutes away from Kamieskroon and the entrance to the Namaqua National Park, Cosy Mountain offers the perfect holiday or weekend break, at an affordable rate during the flower season and other periods.

Northern Cape, Potjiespram - Richtersveld


Located inside the Ai-Ais Richersveld transfrontier park, which is a treasure-chest containing some the world's richest desert flora and consist of miniature rock gardens, Potjiespram lies next to the Gariep River a few kilometers from Sendelingsdrift, the mining town inside the park. Swim in the river or laze on the "beach" next to the river.

Northern Cape, Kokerboomkloof - Richtersveld


Located inside the Ai-Ais Richersveld transfrontier park, Kokerboomkloof is one of the world's real majestic nature destinations where you can stay over and enjoy the sheer space and quiet that comes with the place.

Some of the world's biggest stones are lying around or heaped on small kopjes creating a surrealistic marsscape.

Northern Cape, Vioolsdrift

Oewerbos Camp

Oewerbos Camp is situated on the banks of the Gariep River which forms the border between South Africa and Namibia. It has neat and spacious campsites on grass for Caravans and tents right on tthe banks of the river. They have a nice pub and social area where you can buy drinks and other necessities.

Northern Cape, Pofadder

Rus 'n Bietjie

Rus 'n Bietjie offers clean accommodation in rooms in the house and also offers camping in the yard. Every campsite has its own bathroom.

Northern Cape, Kalahari Guesthouse

Kalahari Guesthouse

About 50km from Upington on the way to the Kgalagadi is a wonderful holiday farm that offers an excellent nature experience in a beautiful Kalahari setting next to a dam. The accommodation is very good and the campsites far from each other with very nice ablutions with warm water and solar electricity. There is also a shop which sells biltong and other necessities.

Northern Cape, Askham

Molopo Lodge

Molopo Lodge offers the traveller beautiful hotel facilities as well as camping sites with electricity and your own bathroom.

Northern Cape, Kalahari Trails

Kalahari Trails

Kalahari Trails is very near to the Kgalagadi main gate and can be used as a base from where day visits can be made to the park. The farm itself is also a very good spot to spend time at, especially in the Bush Camp with its beautiful tent huts placed near a watering hole where the animals can be watched.

There are some camping sites as well.

Northern Cape, Mata Mata - Kgalagadi

Mata Mata

Mata Mata lies on the Aub River on the border with Namibia. It is the furthest camp on the Aub river "leg" on the South African Side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park.The border post may be used after a two day stay in the park.

Northern Cape, Nossob - Kgalagadi

Nossob Camp

Nossob is the furthest camp on the Nossob river "leg" on the South African Side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park.

Northern Cape, Tweerivieren - Kgalagadi

Twee Rivieren

Twee Rivieren is the main camp on the South African Side of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park.

Northern Cape, Upington

Spitskop Nature Reserve

Spitskop Nature Reserve, is a fine example of the famous Kalahari Desert. The reserve is situated 13km north of Upington (En route to the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and measures 5641 hectares and derives its name from a prominent steep rocky hill close to the entrance).

Northern Cape, Witsand Nature Reserve

Witsand Nature Reserve

Witsand has sensual, flowing white dunes - twenty to sixty metres high - surrounded by copper-red Kalahari sand, Acacia woodland and the Langberg Mountain range. Home of the famous ‘Brulsand' or Roaring Sands of the Kalahari.

North West Province, Barberspan

Barberspan Bird Sanctuary

The Barberspan Bird Sanctuary is a huge 2000 ha body of water located between Delareyville and Sannieshof. The Reserve is a pioneer in ornithological research.

The pans are located 17 km north west of Delareyville on the N14 to Sannieshof, 307 km from Johannesburg or an easy 3 hour drive.

North West Province, Rustenburg

Kgasawane Nature Reserve

The Kgaswane Mountain Reserve is a place of special beauty, an escape into a mountain range of great natural appeal and an ideal destination to take tourists or out of town visitors for a day outing.

Situated above the town of Rustenburg across a varied habitat of quartzite mountain peaks and vleis on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg.

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