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Trip Report: Botswana 2008

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Ivory Route's Ntubu Camp, on the way to Botswana

Ntubu Camp, Masebe Nature Reserve, near Marken

Ivory Route's Ntubu camp in the Masebe game reserve on the eastern escarpment of the Waterberg, was included in our itenarary because we needed a good place to overnight on our way to Botswana. Few people include it when going to Botswana, but we will recommend it. It worked fine for us. We were surprised by the setting with the service delivery and neatness at the same high level as the other camps. Total quiet and a wonderful setting, an undiscovered jewel.

Ntubu to Nata Bird Sanctuary and Community Camp

Nata Bird Sanctuary

This sanctuary was included in our trip planning because we like to visit community camps to help encourage their formation to enable the locals to add variety to the tourism products of their areas. A second reason was the beautiful natural offering of this sanctuary in this part of Botswana. This is a refuge for the wildlife on and around Sowa Pan. We saw many Pelicans and other water birds, but unfortunately, we missed the Flamingo season

Nata Bird Sanctuary to Lekhubu Island, Makgadigadi Pans

Lekhubu Island in Sua Pan

Lekhubu Island is one of those places that one must see at least once in your life, after that, there are not many reasons for a second visit. It is such a serene, beautiful and unexpected place. At sunrise and sunset the baobabs create a ghostly feeling of wandering spirits and witches, which is also reflected in the lore of the locals who come there to honour the spirits on a regular basis. Lekhubu Island is a place that will live in your memories for the rest of your life.

Kubu Island to Gweta village.

Gweta Lodge and camping near Makgadigadi Pans

The village of Gweta is 200km from Maun, 100km from Nata and 103km from Lekhubu Island and it is a welcome stopover after the powdery dust of Ntetwe Pan. The name Gweta means 'place where the frogs meet' reffering to the multitude of frogs that gather in the puddles during the rainy season. We stayed over at Gweta Lodge, which was clean and friendly with a laid-back atmosphere. Gweta also offers a Shell Garage, a grocery store and a bottle store.

Gweta to Maun, Okavango Delta main town.

Maun scenic air flips over the Okavango Delta

People normally use the large town of Maun as their last stock-up station before they move into the Moremi and Chobe areas on their way to Kasane and the natural wonders of the Chobe River and Victoria Falls. There are also many light aircraft taking people on scenic flights over the Delta - something not to be missed if you want to get an idea of the big picture of the Delta.

Maun to Kaziikini Community Camp on the way to Moremi

Kaziikini Camping and Huts.

The people of Sankuyo was successful in offering a well equipped camping site at Kaziikini. We enjoyed our overnight at Kaziikini and had a very nice hot shower in their well equipped ablution area as well as an equally nice cold one in their bar. Kaziikini is situated in bush area near the road to Moremi and is a very good place to outspan before moving on to Moremi National Park or even to use it as a base to explore the area.

Kaziikini to Mankwe Mopani Camp

Mankwe Camping

Mankwe Mopani Camp is situated in bush area on the way to the Chobe and Savuti areas. It is very well situated in its own concession area and self-drive game drives are possible. There is also a fully catered option in luxury bush accommodation.

Mankwe is a good option as both a base and a stopover en-route to the Chobe, Savuti and Kasane.

Moremi Nature Reserve - Third Bridge Camp

Third Bridge camp in Moremi

Third Bridge is one of four camps in Moremi National Park. The others are: South Gate, North Gate and Xakanaxa. Be prepared for Moremi with a 4x4 Vehicle, preferably a GPS and Tracks4Africa maps on the Gps, because in summer you have mud and in winter deep sand to get stuck in. There are however lots to make up for that in the form of many wild animals and beautiful scenery. Not to mention the African bush atmosphere.

Moremi National Park - Khwai Gate (North Gate) Camp.

Moremi - Khwai Camp

North Gate or Khwai Gate as the locals call it, lies next to the Khwai River with many little roads that one can take to do some game-viewing. Beware of aggressive baboons in this camp. We recommend Xakanaxa or if you are on your way to Savuti, to sleep over at the Khwai Community camp a few kilometer outside Moremi on the way to Savuti.

Kasane, Toro Lodge.

Toro Lodge

Driving from North Gate to Kasane is quite a taxing trip with the roads very bad. We recommend a stop in between at Ihaha and then to Chobe Safari Lodge. Our own experience and that of others compel us to suggest another venue than Toro Lodge. We hope soon to be able to report a change for the better here.

Kasane - Chobe Safari Lodge

Chobe Safari Lodge at Kasane

Chobe Safari Lodge is a superb place to use as a base to explore the Chobe Riverfront, the river and islands and Victoria Falls. Their camping sites are natural, clean and there is a guard who guards against baboons and other pests.

One can organise Game drives, Boat Trips and trips to Victoria Falls from them.

Trip on the Chobe River

Chobe River Trip

Taking the boat trip on the Chobe was one of the many highlights of our tour. It was toatally spectacular, seeing so many different animals and birds in such s short time. Sailing on a large boat with a top deck from where one has a 360 degrees views.

This trip is not to be missed. It is definitely a world-class nature experience offered to you on a plate.

Victoria Falls.

Vic Falls

With Kasane being so near Victoria Falls and it also being quite inexpensive and easy with the tour operator, we decided to go to Zim for a day and see the falls and also what Zimbabwe is like nowadays.

We were astonished to see and experience the magic of the Victoria Falls. Now we know why it is rated as one of the world's natural wonders.

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