Waterval Boven in Mpumalanga, South Africa

A climber exposed against the backdrop of the Elands River in the valley below - photo courtesy of Roc & Rope
A climber exposed against the backdrop of the Elands River in the valley below

The steam train rides on a Sunday offer views of the Waterfall and the Five Arches bridge

The village of Waterval Boven is nestled in the Drakensberg Mountains on the fringe of the escarpment, at the foot of the southern hills. It is rich with historical sites and buildings, which belonged to the old NZASM and are now proclaimed national monuments.

There is also the old ZASM Tunnel and Five Arch Bridge, as well as President Paul Kruger's official residence where he resided in 1900 before going into exile in Europe. The Elands River Waterfall is visible from the mouth of the old Railway Tunnel.

View the accommodation ranging from budget and backpacker to upmarket fraternity chalets. Take a closer look at Rack Rail Inn. There are numerous fly fishing dams and rivers for the fly fishing enthusiast. There are all types of other businesses in the town.

The waterfal on the Elands RiverThe Elandskrans Holiday Resort caters for the outdoor enthusiast. Other Accommodation is also available in the area.

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Try accommodation in Waterval Onder at Luilekker Guest House & Chalets or Elangeni Holiday Resort which also caters for campers and caravanning enthusiasts.

For the more adventurous the world-renowned rock climbing cliffs offer challenges to the outdoor enthusiast. Visit the Roc & Rope Adventures website for more information. Gustav Janse van Rensburg is the only qualified rock climbing guide in Mpumalanga and offers various valuable services to the area.

The old NZASM tunnelThe steam train is not running at the moment. Contact your host for more detail.

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