Trip II (2012) Kalahari Tented Camp in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park to Witsand - 560km 8 to 9 hour driving time.

Today's ride follows the road next to the Aub River back to Tweerivieren and then on to Kalahari Guesthouse for another night. You may choose to stay a night at Kalahari Trails, Molopo Lodge or take the little bit more taxing route to Kalahari Guesthouse where you can stock up with biltong, lambtjops and other things before hitting the road to Witsand the next day, which at 560 km and eight to nine hours drive is a bit too much for someone on holiday to do in a single day. The stop at Kalahari Guesthouse almost halve the driving time.

Witsand Nature Reserve is a reserve under the management of the Northern Cape Provincial Administration. It is situated about halfway between Upington and Kimberley after passing Groblerhoop where one can have a tasty meal at Hooggelegen Lodge and Restaurant, before moving on to the Witsand Nature Reserve. It is characterized by odd, huge white sand dunes, standing out like a sore thumb among the reddish mountains in this part of the Northern Cape Province.

These dunes, up to sixty metres high, 9 km long and 4 km wide, cover a vast quantity of sub-surface water, which through continual leaching has washed the red iron oxide coating fronm the quartzite grains, resulting in the white sand which stands in sharp contrast to the green vegetation, the dramatic backdrop provided by the surrounding mountains and the typical red Kalahari sand.

We enjoyed camping among the trees in their camping area where we reseceived visits from several animals, like an Oryx, Springbuck and a Serval Cat one evening. The huts they have there are spacious and well designed for comfort and situated between large shady trees and must be ideal for larger groups. We can recommend this nature reserve to nature lovers who like the Kalahari.

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