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Aba-Huab to Ugab Rhino Base Camp

Ugab Rhino Base Camp is the Base Camp for the Save the Rhino Trust, an organisation committed to save Rhinos and more specific, the Desert Rhino of Namibia.

The camp is situated next to the Ugab River in a very desolate area of the Planet. The camp regularly gets visited by the Desert Elephants roaming the Ugab River. The camping spots are enclosed in reed quads to help keep the elephants from getting too close to campers at night. Provided that the campers have a light burning through the night.

The camp has several campsites with several ablution blocks along the river. Each campsite has a toilet near the site. The ablution blocks have hot water by "donkey" where the fire is being made by the staff.

The camp often gets visited by the Elephants, since they have a drinking spot built for the elephants next to the Admin building. Please consult with the camp supervisor about the appropriate conduct when the elephants are there.

This camp can be reached by vehicles that has a high ground clearance. 4X4 Vehicles preferable.


Phone Tel No. 064 203 581 or 064 403 829

Radio number 00264 64 20 3581/3478

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