Addo National Park to Stormsriver Mouth - 271 km three to four hour driving time.

Today's ride is a long one through an area where there are also lots of beauty for nature tourists and nobody can blame you if you linger a few days in this area.

Port Elizabeth forms part of this very popular holiday area. Three nature reserves are in the vicinity of Port Elizabeth. They are the Donkin Nature Reserve, The Island Nature Reserve and Cape Recife Nature Reserve.

Jeffreys Bay, the famous surfing beach where loads of surfers gather to enjoy the fantastic and unique surf of Jeffreys. Nobody says a Nature Tourist cannot surf. :-)

Stormsriver Mouth Restcamp is a hugely popular restcamp in the Tsitsikamma National Park. It is set next to the rocky coastline of the Indian Ocean and feature many camping sites as well as an assortment of bungalows and guest houses. It has a popular restaurant as well as a shop where groceries, clothing and curios are for sale.

The very popular Otter Hiking Trail starts here as well as a few other easier day walks and hikes. An assortment of adventure activities are offered for nature lovers who wants to have a few adventures on the wild side. To cater for this the park entered into joint initiatives with private operators offering from semi-luxury hikes to kayaking, snorkelling, scubadiving and boat rides offered at the river mouth, while there are several other activities nearby, like abseiling, hiking, mountain biking, tree top tours and finally, the worlds highest bungee jumping. No wonder this place is so very popular with the younger bunch who loves living dangerously.

To read more and to make reservations, visit their website here.