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Distance about 281 km.

Our habit not to make reservations resulted in us not being able to get any camping space in Etosha. All camps full! After checking on Tracks4Africa what the driving times are, we decided it is easily possible to exit the park at the Namutoni Gate and still have enough time to find a camping spot. We will then enter at Namutoni the next day and leave at King Nehale gate in the north.

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NAMIBIA TRIP REPORT: From Kasane, Botswana to: Namwi Island > Camp Kwando > Nambwa > Bumhill > N//Goabaca > Ngepi > Kaisosi > Roys Camp > Mamselle >Sachsenheim > Ruacana > Hippo Pools > Kunene > Epupa Falls > Opuwo Camp > Opuwo to Khumib > Khumib River > Hoarusib River > Puros > Amspoort > Sesfontein > Ongongo Hotsprings > Palmwag Camp > Palmwag Conservancy > Aba Huab > Ugab Rhino Camp > Sophiadale Camp > Kuiseb Bridge > Betta > Barby Camp > Bethanie > Terra Rouge > Two Rivers > Rooiputs > Madala Dune Lodge > Molopo NR > Rapoelli > Back to Pretoria

Sachsenheim Guestfarm

Mamselle Nature Camp to Sachsenheim via Etosha.

The Farm Sachsenheim is approximately 11,000 hectares (110 square kilometers) big and is near the road between Tzumeb and Ondangwa. It is also near the access road to the Lindequest Gate of the Etosha National Park.

The farm was in posession of the Sachse family since 1925. The natural area of the farm is characterized by very strong growth with thorn bushes and medium to tall trees. The few larger open spaces were mostly artificially worked and kept open.

The farm is also a hunting farm as well as a cattle farm, with hunting restricted to the Months between May and November.

The cattle fences does not pose a difficulty for antelopes, since antelopes like Eland, Kudu and Oryx easily jump over the fences and the smaller animals like Duiker and Damara dik dik goes underneath. Water is being supplied for the animals during the dry season by means of wind, solar or motor-driven pumps from groundwater. Both the game and the cattle are supplied with salt and minerals near the water bodies.

Since the farm has gradually been built up as a combined hunting and cattle farm since 1985, the wild stock are mature, resulting in good trophy hunting.


Tel.: +264 (0) 67 230011 Fax: +264 (0) 67 230072

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