Diepwalle to Natures Valley National Park - de Vasselot Campsite, six to seven hour drive.

Today's ride is a long one through an area where there are lots of beauty for nature tourists and nobody can blame you if you linger a few days in this area. Normally accommodation can be found on www.linx.co.za, so I will include a link to each town's camping and accommodation facilities along the way.

Plettenberg Bay forms part of this very popular holiday area. Bird watchers can visit several beaches to watch the beautiful birds which flock to these beaches - especially during holiday times:-)

De Vasselot Campsite is situated a short distance from the little town of Natures Valley. The camp is large and very shady, making it difficult to photograph the separate stands due to weak light. During the hot months of November to February that will be a definite advantage, since the camp will then be cooler under the trees.

The camp is near the sea, has the Groot river and the very popular Otter Hiking Trail ends here. Just the perfect place to make a stand for a few days and visit the many natural sights here and in the near vicinity or just relax and enjoy the rich birdlife and swim in the river and the beach nearby.

To read more and to make reservations, visit their website here.