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From Kwando Camp to Nambwa Community Camp

Nambwa Community Camp is situated in Bwabwata National Park (the former Caprivi Game Park). Nambwa is built according to eco-responsible principles.

In the BwaBwata National Park, a unique Agreement has been signed between the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the adjacent communities. This agreement allows the communities through their respective Conservancy structures to develop and manage two campsites in a National Park for the first time in Namibian history. In addition, conservancy management is in place to manage the wildlife in communal areas outside but adjacent to the park and to see to it that benefits from these two camps will flow back into conservation and improve local livelihoods.

To emphasise the significance of these developments, the two campsites have been constructed in a way in which design and eco-responsible building practice ensures a unique product, which will provide you with a memorable experience. In a combined effort of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, IRDNC, NACOBTA and the two conservancies, with these two new and exciting campsites, a real asset for the tourism industry in Namibia has been developed. (December 2004)

Deeper in the bush and requiring a four-wheel-drive vehicle for access is the lovely Nambwa Campsite. With its huge, shady trees and views down the bank of the Mashi River, Nambwa Campsite is an ideal place for pitching your tent and exploring the rich variety of wildlife and birdlife around the camp and in the BwaBwata National Park.

The campsite is situated in a forest of beautiful trees. There are six private camping spots, surrounded by tall trees and affording lovely views, four of which overlook the Mashi River. Four of the campsites are large enough to accommodate up to four vehicles and their occupants, while two campsites are reserved for one vehicle and its occupants only. Campsites are private thanks to the space between the different sites and the thick bush and undergrowth. Each campsite has running water, a rubbish bin and a braai place. Two separate ablution blocks with facilities for men and women are basic but excellent, clean, spacious and well maintained.

Although water is provided, you must however bring own drinking water. There is no electricity.

A viewing platform, behind the 6 spacious campsites, overlooks a seasonal vlei set under the shade of enormous trees.

The fees at Nambwa Campsite are very reasonable. Wood can be purchased and at times, there is a local guide who can be hired by guests to lead them into the park.

Located in the Mayuni Conservancy, the Nambwa Campsite employs local community members and benefits the conservancy by helping to compensate people whose fields have been destroyed by elephants.

Supporting conservancy-run campsites in Namibia is a win-win proposition, both for the locals and for guests.

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