Trip II (2012) Namakwa National Park Coastal Section to Skilpad and Wildeperdehoek Pass and Springbok - 137km 3 to 4 hours.

Today's ride is not long if you are in a hurry, but nature lovers will be tempted many times to stop and have a look. Maybe even getting out of the vehicle to investigate. Depending on the time of year and the conditions regarding earlier rain, etc. this route can be very flowerful or drab. It may be a good idea to first enquire about the flower conditions before visiting.

Namakwa National Park Skilpad and Wildeperdehoek Pass The route first goes though the Skilpad Flower Reserve and then on to the Namakwa National Park and then you start the rise into the Wildepedehoek Pass which treats you to majestic vistas and views over the Namakwa National Park. These views must be wonderful to see when the flowers are in full bloom. We missed that, but still enjoyed the views.

Springbok is the logical place to sleep over. One wonderful place that should not be missed is the Goegap Nature Reserve which also have camping and accommodations.