Trip I (2011) Camdeboo to Mountain Zebra National Park - 163km, 3 to 4 hours and if you visit Nieu Bethesda as well, (196km)

Trip II (2012) Forever Gariep Resort to Mountain Zebra National Park - 275km, 3 to 4 hours.


Both Trips I and II are of medium length and should not be very taxing, especially if you split the trip to visit Nieu Bethesda.

Nieu Bethesda is a unique little town which got its fame from two of its inhabitants. One a lone lady and the other the famous playwright Athol Fugard, who based one of his plays on the life of this strange woman.

The little town features a visit to this woman's house, which she decorated in a very spectacular way, but they also have a number of fine little homely restaurants where one can enjoy some of the famous Karoo Lamb that is produced in this area, so consider treating yourself to some real tasty meat.

There was also a brewery where you can taste some of their homebrew, but be sure to keep that to an absolute minimum if you have to drive the rest of the way to Mountain Zebra National Park.

Mountain Zebra National Park, was initially created to protect the Mountain Zebra, which was on the point of becoming extinct like in the case of Kwagga. This proved to be very successful, as there are now hundreds of the Mountain Zebras roaming many parks and reserves, thanks to the efforts of the Sanparks staff.

The park nowadays is the home to many species, including a sizable number of black wildebeest, red hartebeest, eland and springbok, kudu, buffalo and the black rhino. Then there are cheetahs which are the biggest predators of the park with a very interesting opportunity to join on a tracking expedition to find them on foot with the help of a guide and radio tracker. Should you decide to go on a night drive, you stand a chance to see species like aardwolf and brown hyena.

We enjoyed their well situated and laid-out camping grounds, while they also offer accommodation in self-catering huts and also two mountain huts, which is a must-do for families who love being in nature on their own, since these huts can accommodate quite a large family at a time and are far removed from other people.

We enjoyed Mountain Zebra National Park ver much, especially the night we spent in one of the mountain huts. The mountain hut was a very rewarding experience, even though it was quite expensive and we felt it to be a bit wasteful for only two people, since it can accommodate ten people with one bedroom having a double bed, the other two single beds and six bunk beds. It has an outside as well as inside braaiplace for those cool mountain evenings.

Their 4x4 routes are beautiful and quite difficult at a few places, but definitely worth the while. We particularly enjoyed their Lamb Shank at the restaurant and we would like to come back and do the Cheeta trip someday.

We recommend staying at least two nights, with a possible three if you want to do the Cheeta trip and four if you want to add the 4x4 routes as well.

To read more on their website and to make bookings, click here.