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Silaka to Mkhambathi

Via Lusikisiki
Distance 133 km.

From Silaka we took the R61 to Lusikisiki. From there it is gravel for most of the way to Mkhambathi.

Mkhambathi is characterised by large stretches of grass, rivermouths, waterfalls, wildlife and the ocean. There are some very beautiful places to visit at Mkhambathi, some of them on foot, since a large area is closed to traffic due to the sensitivity of the areas concerned. One can do day and night game drives in one's own vehicle, adding to the sense of freedom one gets in these nature reserves...

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Posted on 6 March 2008 by Linx



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Silaka to Mkhambathi

Mkhambathi Nature Reserve is situated on the coast of north-eastern Pondoland in the Eastern Cape. It is situated between Port Edward and Port St Johns.

Measuring 7720 hectares, this coastal reserve has open grasslands, dotted with indigenous forest patches and swamp forests and flanked by the magnificent forested ravines of the Msikaba and Mtentu rivers. Grasslands cover a large portion of the reserve and support a fascinating and diverse flora and fauna. Large numbers of plains game such as Eland and Red Hartebeest have been introduced into the grasslands.

Birders may see the Redshouldered Window, Yellow throated Longclaw, Common Waxbill, Croaking Cisticola, Orange Throated Long-Claw, Ground Hornbill with Gurneys Sugarbird and the Greater Double Collared Sunbird, seeking nectar from the flowering strelitzias that frequently dot the Mkhambathi landscape.

Of the many rivers running through the reserve, the Mkhambathi is perhaps the most beautiful with its crystal clear pools and series of spectacular waterfalls. The magnificent Horseshoe Falls plunge over a terrace in a wide arc. Further down, the river tumbles over the Strandloper and Mkhambathi Falls before dropping several metres into the ocean.

Accommodation is in the main lodge, a stone building accommodating 10 people. It has a pool and braai area. Family Cottages, 5 stone and pre-fab self catering, serviced units, close to reception, each accommodating 6 persons max. Riverside Lodge, a self catering, fully equipped facility that accommodates 20 people. Gwe Gwe Bungalows, 6 self catering bungalows, next to the beach for 2 persons per bungalow. Point Cottage, a self catering cottage housing 6 persons maximum.

Activities at Mkhambathi include picnics, fishing at the official estuaries, educational tours, horse riding, bird watching, walking trails, river canoeing trail and watching rock art.

Wildlife at Mkhambathi is rather diverse and include African Wildcat, Black Backed Jackal, Blesbuck, Blue Duiker, Bottle Nose Dolphin, Burchell's Zebra, Bush pig, Bushbuck, Cane Rat, Chamca Baboon, Cape Clawless Otter, Eland, Genet, Kudu, Large Grey Mongoose, Large Spotted Genet, Lynx, Polecat, Red Hartebeest, Rock Dassie, Samango Monkey, Southern White Whale, Southern Reedbuck, Springbuck, Vervet Monkey and White Tail Mongoose

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