Shingwedzi Restcamp in the Kruger National Park

Shingwedzi Restcamp in the Kruger Park is one of a dozen Restcamps in the Kruger National Park. "Restcamps" are larger camps with shops, restaurants and offices. They normally also have other facilities like pools etc.

Shingwedzi is located near the Shingwedzi River in the Northern Kruger. It is one of the older camps in the Kruger Park and one can still see the old accommodation that was built to accommodate the first tourists to the park.

Shingwedzi Camp's atmosphere is quiet, peaceful and relaxed. It is situated near the very game-rich banks of the Kanniedood Dam, which is a very beautiful part of the park. The Big Five occurs here, while wild dogs and cheetah sightings have been reported. In all, it is a good camp to spend a long holiday if you just want to rest and relax peacefully.

Places to visit in the vicinity are the S56 next to the Mphongolo River, the area next to the Kanniedood Dam to the Nyawutzi Hide, the S52 Shingwedzi Loop and Tshange Lookout and Picnic Spot, Redrocks and the nearby waterholes. If you leave early, a visit to the beautiful Pafuri area is also possible.

Quite large Conferences for up to 324 delegates can be held here, with all the paraphernalia like overhead projectors etc. available. Enquire at the reservations link below if you are interested.

For game drives, walks, bush breakfast and bush braais and other possible activities, enquire at the Shingwedzi reception office when you book into the Camp.

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We recommend the following trip to the immediate surroundings of Shingwedzi Camp.

Distance 89km.

Drive Time without stop = 2 Hrs 28 minutes

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From Shingwedzi, take the H1-6 left and then right at the S52. This road is a very productive one, especially early in the morning, with kudu nyala, giraffe, zebra, elephant and cats like lion and leopard, good possibilities. The surrounding bushveld and the beautiful views on the Shingwedzi river is also very rewarding. Take this drive slow and keep you eyes peeled for animals near and far. Carry on to Tsnaga Picnic site and climb the little kopje to appreciate the view from the top before coming back.

On the way back, take the road on the other side of the river. You will soon find the Red Rocks lookout spot, where you also may disembark and stretch your legs a bit while looking down to the river, looking for animals and birds that may be there.

Almost back at Shingwedzi, turn right into the S134 that forms a circle around Shingwedzi Camp. From this loop, you may turn right into a little road that leads to the Mashagadzi Waterhole for a there-and-back. After visiting Mashagadzi and back at the S134, turn right to the S50 that runs along the Kanniedood Dam. Carry on with this road to at least the Kanniedood Hide on the riverbank, but if time allows, you can carry on further if you want, since this is a good road for game viewing.

When finished with the game drive, turn back to Shingwedzi which you can now enter from it's "back door" at the end of the S51. There are many places further afield that you may visit from Shingwedzi and to get an idea of what is available, you will need to get an overview of what the Park offers. For that, get our new E-Book we tell you about below.


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