Orpen Bushcamp in the Kruger National Park

Orpen Restcamp in the Kruger Park is one of a dozen Restcamps in the Kruger National Park. "Restcamps" are larger camps with shops, restaurants and offices. They normally also have other facilities like fuel stations etc.

Orpen has a park gate and two satellite camps, namely Maroela Camping area and Tamboti Tentcamp, both on the bank of the beautiful Timbavati River.

Orpen is a smallish camp with only six 2-bed bungalows and three 6-bed cottages', all of them equipped for selfcatering guests.

The area around Orpen is frequented by elephants, buffaloes, lions, cheetah, leopards and the other smaller animals.

Places to visit in the vicinity are the Bobbejaanskrans Lookout, Nsemani Dam, Timbavati picnic site, Girivani Waterhole and others.

For game drives, walks, bush breakfast and bush braais, enquire at the Orpen reception office when you book into the Camp.

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We recommend the following trip from Maroela Camp.

Distance 117 km.

Drive Time without stop = 3 hrs

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From Maroela, follow the road to the H7 and turn left towards Satara turn right at the S106 to the Rabelais Dam (or what remains of it) and waterhole.

From there on to the H7 and a little distance further on, there is a sign to the left for a viewpoint that became known as Bobbejaanskrans (baboons krantz). Here you may disembark and enjoy a picnic while having a look at the Timbavati river below and the bush on the other side of the river.

After Bobbejaanskrans, on to the Nsemani Dam and waterhole which are popular spots for big game like Buffalo, Elephant and others.

Go past the Nsemani Dam for a short distance, then left at the S40 direction Timbavati Picnic Site. At the junction with the S12 there's a beautiful waterhole called the Girivani Waterhole, where it may be a good plan to spend some time, since this is also a popular game and birding spot, before going on to the S40 towards the Timbavati Picnic Site where you may prepare something to eat under the large shady trees.

After picnic, turn right into the S39 along the Timbavati River. You will pass the Leeubron Waterhole and the Shibotwana Waterhole, both places where you may spend some time watching and waiting.

Upon reaching the H7 again, turn right and after passing Bobbejaanskrans, keep your eyes peeled for a small gravel road to the right that leads to a beautiful view over the Timbavati River where you can spend some time as well before moving on to Maroela Camp for a wonderful evening of peace and bush quiet around the campfire at Maroela Camp.

Many more good trips from Maroela can be designed, but without knowing what is possible and what you can expect at the different places, it is quite difficult. That is why we wrote a book to help you do virtual trips through the Kruger Park to give you a global vision of what can be experienced at the different places. More about the book below.


In order to help people to get to know the Kruger Park better, we wrote a book containing large pictures, short descriptions, GPS Coordinates and travel times of more than 300 waypoints like camps, picnic spots, waterholes, dams, viewpoints and other interesting points along all of the public roads of the Kruger Park

The book is written in the form of a 20-day tour, taking the reader on a virtual tour through the park, giving the reader a rare graphical oversight over the park. Use the many GPS Coordinates to enjoy a pre-visit to the different places on Google Earth to make your virtual tour even more fun!

Although it is possible to follow the routes in 20 days, few people have the time available to travel all the routes described in the book, therefore it will be a good idea to download the book and do the virtual tour and then, after that experience, to design your visit to the Park as well as the trips and places you want to see and experience. .....read more"