De Vasselot to Komdomo National Park - 612km, six to seven hour drive.

The towns passed:

Today's ride is a long one through an area where there are little or no accommodation for nature tourists, so bite the bullet and push through to the park and know the destination will make up for the longish and sometimes boring drive. Normally accommodation can be found on, so I will include a link to each town's camping and accommodation facilities along the way.

Komdomo is the Eastern Cape Parks Board's Baviaanspoort office and camping site. It is beautifully situated in the mountains and next to a stream. The ablutions and campsites are kept neat and functional and should please most campers.

It is a good idea to plan your trip in such a way that you sleep over here at either the beginning or the end of your Baviaanskloof trip, depending on the direction you are doing it.