Mokala National Park to Karoo National Park - 469km, a five to six hour drive.

Today's ride is a longish one passing through Karoo landscape that can become a bit boring after some time if one does not keep a keen eye on the changes in the vegetation taking place along the route. If the route get a bit long, or you want to connect with the locals, accommodation can be found on, so I will include a link to each town's camping and accommodation facilities along the way, if they have something like that .

The towns passed:

Hopetown, another town with diamonds in its past. Luckily, the diamond rush is something of the past here as well and the inhabitants can concentrate on supporting the farming industry in this area.

Strydenburg had no diamonds and is dependent on the income generated for its farmers who make their living by selling Merino wool.

Britstown's economy is very much the same as that of Strydenburg. Google Smartts dam for some interesting reading about the history of the district.

Victoria West, also a Merino Wool producing district.

Beaufort West, although quite a big towwn has lots to offer the nature tourist in the form of the Karoo National Park just outside the town. That's where we are going to sleep tonight, so you can fill up on fuel, food and other things in town before going to the park.

Karoo National Park is situated in the Great Karoo, which is an immensely big area. This area is characterised by harsh, dry weather conditions that resulted in the evolution of very interesting plant, insect and animal life forms.

Very good tourist facilities has been built in the high-quality style of Sanparks. Camping and self-catering is separate, with the campig sites quite a distance from the Main Camp.

Many species that used to inhabit this area, have been relocated with Lions as one of the newer contributions, so even more reason to stay in your car when you are not in a designated area like a lookout or a picnic spot.

My recommendation is to stay in this park for at least two nights, but if one of the longer 4x4 routes will be done, another night or two may be needed. Also, if you like to be alone in nature, try to visit outside of school holidays and maybe even weekends, since the National Parks are very popular with the local people.

For loads of information about this park click here to visit their pages on the Sanparks website.