Trip II (2012) Tweerivieren to Kalahari Tented Camp in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - 114km 2 to 3 hours.

Today's ride follows the road next to the Aub River to Kalahari Tented Camp near Mata Mata and the Namibian Border.

The Kalahari Tented Camp is a camp with luxury safari tents on the bank of the Aub River. The view over the Aub affords an opportunity to do your game watching from the comfort of your tent and verandah, right next to the kitchen with fridge, stove and everything almost within arms lenth, which makes it a wonderful opportunity to game-watch with your binoculars and your camera on a tripod. During summer times the Barking Geckos can be very entertaining with their chorus that consist of five melodious clicks that are uttered by many of these geckos, resulting in what reminds of a conducted symphony orchestra.

The camp is not very far from Mata Mata Restcamp and the border post there, so a shop where the most important articles can be bought is within easy reach.

To read more and make reservations, visit their website by clicking here.