Addo Main Camp to Addo Kabouga Camp - 61km, about a hour drive.

The towns passed:

Today's ride is a long one through an area where there are little or no accommodation for nature tourists, so bite the bullet and push through to the park and know the destination will make up for the longish and sometimes boring drive. Normally accommodation can be found on, so I will include a link to each town's camping and accommodation facilities along the way.


Addo Mvubu Camp is situated next to a river that offers good nature viewing from the canoes that is available here. The camp has a very good setting and can be described as a bit on the wild side, but it offers washing and toilet facilities for a number of campsites. It is altogether a very good experience to camp here.

A further big plus for this section is the 4x4 route it offers. To me it was anytime as good as Baviaanskloof, if not better. But that is my own judgment and others may differ from me.

There is also a hut in the mountains somewhere, but we did not visit it, so we cannot comment on the place. Better to look it up on their website here.