De Hoop to Ebb and Flow Camp - 269km, four to five hour drive.

Today's ride is a long one through an area where there are little or no accommodation for nature tourists, so bite the bullet and push through to the park and know the destination will make up for the longish and sometimes boring drive. Normally accommodation can be found on, so I will include a link to each town's camping and accommodation facilities along the way.

The towns passed:

Witsand is a popular place for whale watching and there's a restaurant well placed for watching the whales while enjoying something to eat. It is a little off the track, but still worth the while to make a short break.

Riversdale, a farming community, has two nature reserves nearby as well as a botanical garden for the nature tourist. Although not very big these places can be visited and some overnight accommodation can be organised, since those visits will take too long to fit into today's trip. However, since you are on holiday, this may turn out a very interesting interlude, especially if you can find interesting characters in town as well.

Albertinia is a producer of ochre as well as aloe sap which is used in medicines as well as some beauty products. Since nature tourists generally does not need to enhance their natural beauty, they can just carry on the road to Ebb and Flow in the Wilderness.

Mossel Bay is an economically important town in South Africa, but since there is no attractions for nature tourists, we pass it by towards greener pastures - Wilderness and the Ebb and Flow camp. .

Wilderness is a tourist settlement and a nature tourist's paradise. With the sea on one side and the mountainous forest on the other Wilderness is not easy to beat as a holiday destination in the middle of unbelievable natural beauty. Although you are looking in vain for elephants or lions, there are magical hiking routes, lakes to row, adventures to be had and then, also nearby restaurants and pubs where you can meet the rest of the nature-loving tourists and maybe share a meal or a drink.

Ebb and Flow Camp, the accommodation side of Sanparks' Wilderness section of the newly formed Garden Route National Park, which was formed by combining the earlier separate parks of Wilderness, Stormsrive Mouth and Nature's Valley, is set next to the Touwsriver, which rises and falls with the tide, leading to the name of teh camp.

This camp is a well-situated and well-developed camp near every amenities offered in town and elsewhere. The camp is being run with the normal high efficiencies one usually get from Sanparks. This camp accommodates you near a host of activities and adventures. To see what is being offered, have a look here.

To take in everything that is being offered in and near Ebb and Flow, you can plan to stay a few days or even a week. For more information, go to the camp's homepage here.