Ebb and Flow to Diepwalle Camp - 68km, one to two hour drive.

Today's ride is a short one through an area where there are a lot to see and do for nature tourists, actually there must be enough to keep one busy for more than a month if you want to properly explore each and other opportunity.

The towns passed:

Sedgefield has the Goukamma Nature Reserve with a freshwater lake and hundreds of bird species, especially waterbirds. This can be visteed while at Ebb and Flow or on the way to Diepwalle

Knysna itself does not offer any nature tourism opportunities, but even if you are in a hurry to get to Diepwalle, a visit to Thesen Island will be rewarding, since it offers not only views on the heads and the lake, but it also has a number of fine restaurants and other shops.

Diepwalle Forest Set inside a beautiful rain forest, the Knysna Forest Camping Decks offers one the feeling of what it would like to live in a forest between all the birds and the trees. It is actually a very good feeling with some quiet reflection while sitting at the bar on one of the decks, which are spacious enough for a three man tent. There is also day walks, mountain cycle routes that take you into the heart of the Knysna Forest, bird watching, picnic sites and scenic view points. There is also a braai and bar/dining area and even electric points!

To be able to indulge in all the possible activities, at least a two night stay will be necessary, with a three night stay even better. To read more, visit this page.