Bontebok Nasionale Park to De Hoop Nature Reserve - 64km, one to two hour drive.

The towns passed:

Today's ride is a short one with no towns to pass through. Swellendam is near Bontebok, so hop in there to fill up your different containers before leaving for De Hoop.

De Hoop Nature Reserve is a favourite place for hikers, cyclists, bird and whale watchers. From the seashore for three nautical miles into the sea, the De Hoop Marine Protected Area, is one of the largest marine protection areas in Africa and provides a sanctuary for an interesting array of marine life.

De Hoop is also the home of the popular Whale Trail hike, where it starts and ends.

De Hoop is a very beautiful place and it offers camping in shady campsites as well as accommodation in luxury huts and a lodge. For more info on the accommodation, download their pdf file here

We recommend at least a two night stay, but three nights will offer you ample time to explore.