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Puros to Amspoort

Coffee. Rusks. Pack up and go. Via the 'Shop' to stock up on those good quart bottles of Windhoek Lager.

We followed the Hoarusib Riverbed Ecotrail. Awesome. Sobering. Rock cliffs on both sides of the river.

This must be paradise? We indulged in the beauty and could not help but stop every so often to take a deep breath, a photo, exchange thoughts and emotions.

The road then turned out of the riverbed, cutting across serious dry land. We were on our way to the Hoanib Riverbed. Hard rough. Bare. Yet stunning. We had some 65km to cover along this route before reaching Amspoort. The track surface varied between soft sand, rocky pebbles and harsh corrugated sections. We spotted a lone Gemsbok courageously hacking out a life in this rock desert.

The track was leading up to some sort of plateau, there was more grass, less barren rocks. The view over the distant mountainous areas reappeared. Vegetation increased. So did the heat. We came upon a small group of Springbok. Stopped for a photo session, a walk for Sammy and a drink. One of those lovely cold quarts we bought earlier on in the Puros village.

We travelled through a flat patch with barely a blade of grass. We reached the Hoanib Riverbed and chose a camping spot that would hopefully not cause interference for any elephants that may be passing through the riverbed.

It was the usual cocktail hour drink, cook, fire, supper and chatting a bit. Not a lot. This place has a sacred feeling about it. And there was no one else. No one, nobody, nothing. A few rowdy crows. Also later on an inquisitive giraffe.

Waking up here in the desert was one of those special experiences that lingers on in your mind, well, I guess forever?

There was a lot of mist coming in from the ocean side. It was almost 'dripping' mist. It was quite cold, but so refreshing. So invigorating. Better than any spa. An experience money just cannot buy.

We departed from this place, feeling empty because we had to leave. But, feeling rich and fulfilled by this special experience in our lives.

Our recommendations at the end of stay here? Well, not any particular camping spot. This entire riverbed is one paradise for bush camping. If you love simplicity, peace and silence, this place, Amspoort, is a must.