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A glossary of terms used in the lists of trails
on Linx Africa

Type of Trail
  • hiking trail: over-night trail; backpack required
  • day walk: day pack required; a number of routes from the same base hut is considered a day walk
  • game walks: guided day or overnight walks where hikers are accompanied by a game guide
  • horse riding: must supply own horse (in most cases)
  • mountain bike: must supply own mountain bike (in most cases)
  • river trails: includes river rafting, paddling and canoeing
  • suitable for persons with disabilities
  • combination trails: for example hiking and river rafting or train journey with the opportunity to hike or bike
Distance of the trail
  • the approximate trail distance is given in kilometres
Duration of the trail
  • the numbers of days or hours or days the trail would usually take for a person of average fitness
Grading of the trail
  • easy: for the whole family to enjoy
  • moderate: some sections of the trail are strenuous
  • difficult: most sections are strenuous
  • very difficult: for the fit and experienced
Hiking trail layouts
  • a circular trail starts and ends at the same point, with one or more overnight stops along the way
  • a linear trail starts at one point and ends at another point (transport must be arranged at the end of the trail)
  • a return trail starts and ends at the same point; on the same route
  • a figure of eight trail consists of two circular trails from same base
  • a loop trail consists of more than one circular routes from same base
Type of accommodation at the starting point or base
  • camping facilities (own tent)
  • chalets
  • hut
  • lodge
Type of overnight accommodation available on trail
  • cave
  • hut
  • lodge
  • own tent
Capacity of the trail
  • maximum number of persons that can be accommodated
Age restrictions
  • some trails are strenuous and not suitable for small children or persons over 60
  • approximate price per person; in some instances children pay less (this is not always indicated in the listing)

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