Business Information Description of the Business Products & Services
Vision Statement Mission Statement Company Values
Why Advertise with Us Owner Profile

1. Business Information

1.1 Name of the Business
Catlinx cc trading as Linx Africa

1.2 Format of the Business
Close Corporation

1.3 Registration Number

1.4 Date of Registration
June 1996

1.5 Contact Information
Postal address:
PO Box 14536, Hatfield, South Africa, 0028

Physical Address:
The Falcons, 131 Eastwood Street, Pretoria

Tel: +27 (0)83 265 4445/ and 083 294 1855/
Fax: 086 515 9193/

1.6 Owners
Cari Jordaan, Cell: +27 (0)83 265 4445/ e-mail:
Pietert Theron, Cell: +27 (0)83 294 1855/ e-mail:

2. Description of the Business

Linx Africa is a webdesign, advertising, publishing and marketing company. We have been working in the Internet Industry, specialising in tourism, since June 1996. Our aim is to build the most comprehensive tourism directory for South Africa. We offer attractive Internet advertising and marketing options, designed to encourage all providers of tourism services and facilities to participate. Our structure allows for owners to link their advertisements to numerous Linx Africa pages, geared towards maximum Internet marketing exposure.

3. Description of our Services and Products

Our services and products include:
Comprehensive directories of tourism information for the Internet user.
Internet advertising and marketing opportunities for owners of tourism related facilities and services.
Internet advertising and marketing opportunities for owners of business facilities and services.
The development of specific tourism destinations or routes through collaborative community participation.

3.1 The Linx Africa Web Site

Linx Africa offers a comprehensive on-line tourist information guide for South Africa, published on the Internet at This web site features directory listings of all types of tourism related concerns. We publish information on accommodation facilities, camp and caravanning facilities, all types of trails including hiking, day walks, horse riding, river rafting, mountain biking, and trails suitable for persons with disabilities. A guide to tour operators, booking offices, travel agents and information offices around South Africa is also available.

The Linx Africa website is unique in its provision of a comprehensive on-line information service to the prospective tourist: we publish information irrespective of whether or not providers of tourism facilities and services advertise with us. We do, however, also offer facility owners the opportunity to publish their own web pages with us or link existing pages to our directories, thus adding more information to the benefit of the Internet user.

3.1.1 Information on the web site is arranged per province, per tourist region, alphabetically per town. Our web site offers multiple entry points namely from our Index of Towns, provincial map, list of provinces and Linx Africa hubs, i.e. AccommoLinx, CaraCamp Linx, TrailLinx, AgentLinx and InfoLinx, Accommo PixLinx and Trail PixLinx. Being primarily an information site, it is simple, easy to use, and quick to download.

3.1.2 The web site structure follows an "open-book" format and is not search-engine driven, although a search facility will be added in the near future. This allows users to freely browse, save to disk and print information as they need it. It furthermore allows for extensive linking and cross-linking across web-pages and web-sites, making it an invaluable source of information for the tourist.

3.2 Internet Publishing and Marketing

We offer a comprehensive range of Internet publishing and advertising options for owners of tourism and business facilities and services who wish to advertise on the Internet. We have formed a working relationship with a number of Internet partners, such as Webdynamics, to broaden our power base on the Internet. These relationships enable us to offer a comprehensive and competitive range of Internet services and products to our clients.

By pooling the knowledge and expertise of experienced web masters, the efficiency and quality of our services as well as the cross linking opportunities have expanded to the benefit of our customers. We are a force to be reckoned with on the South African Internet market.

3.3 Development of Tourist Destinations

Linx Africa also participates in the development of tourism destinations in collaboration with other organisations, groups or businesses. We provide the tools to facilitate the conceptualisation and implementation of branded tourism destinations or routes that integrate the facilities and services in a demarcated geographical area.

The development of these destinations is initiated through the empowerment and collaborative participation of community members. The promotion of the offerings of a whole community is economically more viable and sustainable than the promotion of an individual facility.

4. Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide the most popular and comprehensive South African tourist destination on the Internet and to provide informative, appropriate and cost-efficient Internet based marketing solutions to the benefit of our customers - organisations, businesses, local communities - and the Internet user.

5. Mission

Our mission is to provide an attractive range of Internet advertising, publishing and marketing options designed to encourage businesses and organisations to establish an Internet presence with us. We will achieve this by optimum use of Internet technology, multiple cross-linking for maximum exposure, driven by our enthusiasm, creativity and personalised service.

6. Company Values

The underlying corporate values underpinning the business approach of Linx Africa incorporate the following:
Foundational values
Resultant benefit values
integrity and honesty customer service
innovation excellence
customer orientation empowerment
accuracy community benefit
commitment achievement
enthusiasm competitive edge
responsiveness market leader
Service feature values
Legacy values
quality service credibility
creativity consistency
reliability accessibility

7. Why Advertise with Linx Africa

The challenge of advertising on the Internet lies in creating a web page or web site that enjoys maximum exposure, conveys a dynamic, effective message that will draw users back to your web page or web site, is easy to use, is interesting and attractive and is well managed. Linx Africa can do this for you.

7.1 Maximum Exposure

Maximum exposure results from effective registration with major Internet search engines and extensive linking and cross-linking to and from other appropriate web pages and web sites, and advertising with a high profile Internet publisher.

Individual page registration with the Internet Search Engines
Linx Africa will ensure that your own web page or web site is registered with the major Internet search engines. We custom code every separate web page and make sure that the correct wording, title, directory and keywords are used to ensure that your own web site or web page will appear on the Search Engine result lists.

Extensive linking and inter-linking
Linx Africa will link your advertisement to structured indices that exist within our own web sites (Linx Africa, Market Linx and Mmadpax). We have created hubs for all types of accommodation, activities, businesses, destinations, camp and caravan sites, information offices, organisations, services, provinces and towns. Each web page is linked appropriately. We do believe in extensive linking and cross linking and will also link your web site or web page to other web sites or web pages (reciprocal linking).

If your web page is not properly registered with an own independent Internet address and not properly linked and cross-linked - chances are that you will not be found on the "Internet Wilderness" - a network consisting of millions of main frame computers containing information that is published on the Internet.

7.2 Effective Internet Publisher

It is important to choose an Internet publisher and webmanager who understands Internet technology and the tourism industry. We at Linx Africa have our own tourism site, we have an understanding of the tourism industry and its needs.

We value the importance to keep web pages up to date and dynamic: our prices include updates, maintenance and page management fees.

7.3 Effective, Dynamic Web Pages/Web Sites

Web pages should be interesting and dynamic to attract and hold the attention of Internet users. We custom design each page according to your needs and circumstances to afford you maximum benefit. We consult with you as individual, or with community members, prior to the design, do proper site or page planning and we make you part of the planning and design process.

We will update your web page and advise you on how to attract traffic to your site. We believe in creating "hubs" of pages for owners of tourism facility and services who have similar interests: in the way you will further enjoy the synergistic effect of cooperation and linking and interlinking on the Internet.

Linx Africa offers an advertising and information service which includes the opportunity to advertise in an environment with extensive linking, a structured indexed platform, optimum of exposure, registered web sites, comprehensive information, and personalised service. We are dynamic, we offer value for money and with us there are no "hidden costs". Be assured of our best attention at all times.

8. Brief Owner Profile

Cari M Jordaan
Cari (Occ Ther Hons, MBL) established her own consultancy business in 1995. Her involvement in the Internet industry started in 1996, virtually with the inception of the Internet in South Africa, when she established Linx Africa.

She is particularly skilled in strategic planning, with the emphasis on implementation. Her other fields of expertise include the management of change, service quality, marketing and positioning. As a member of the Linx Africa management team, Cari ensures that a quality service is rendered and that visibility strategies for customers are devised and implemented in support of optimum exposure for customer business, both on and off the Internet.

Pieter J Theron
Pieter (BA MBL) started with several online travel websites in 1994.  His speciality is Search Engine Marketing, having acquired extensive experience with the search engines virtually since the beginning of the Internet.  Further fields of experience is small business enterprise, programming, networks and financial management. Pieter joined Linx Africa in 2004.