Riemvasmaak Community Ecotourism Resort

Riemvasmaak, like Heirachabis has a very colourful history. The name Riemvasmaak stems from the use of rawhide strips (rieme) to tie things down. The bushmen who also lived in this area, used to steal the herdsmen's cattle. They once caught some of these bushmen, tied them up with these "rieme" and left them to fetch the following morning. But when they arrived at the spot, they found only the "rieme" lying there with the bushmen escaped. From then on, they were known as the "Riemvasmakers", meaning "those who tie with rawhide strings."

Then, in 1933 people were given the right to stay and farm in the area, but then about 40 years later, the Government removed them forcibly to establish a military base there. Then, after the new ANC government came into power, the land was given back to the people who lived there.

As part of their way to survive in this inhospitable countryside, the locals decided to go into tourism and proceeded to create a real wonderful ecotourism heaven.

Apart from a very picuresque warm spa, they offer accommodation in chalets, camping sites between the rocks and 4x4 routes along which they also have real extreme camping sites. By extreme is meant that you cannot camp there unless you have everything you need with you. Water included and also the "toilet spade". This actually adds to the adventure and together with the absolutely beautiful scenery experienced on these trips, makes this a "must do" for any 4x4 nature lover.

Contact information for Riemvasmaak Community Nature Resort is:
Tel: Clarissa Damara +27 73 383 8812
Cell: +27 83 873 7715